Free and open source ad-blocker

TBlock is a system-wide, platform independent ad-blocker written in Python and released under GPLv3. It is maintained by an nonprofit community.

More than an ad-blocker

Our tool comes with incredible features, such as a built-in filter list converter, a daemon that regularly updates your filter lists. We also have an amazing filter list repository index, where you can find popular and powerful filter lists.

Why block ads

Some people are not sure whether ad-blocking is ethical, since advertising is a source of income for some creators. Here's our personal opinion about it.

Support us

We do what we do because we like it, not for money. That's why TBlock is free both as in freedom and as in free beer. If however you want to support us, you can either donate money to Codeberg (on which our source code is hosted), or contribute to the project.

Contact us

You can contact us and stay informed about TBlock's development in various ways.