Here is a list of all the features that come TBlock:

Our values

We stand against discriminations of any kind, and we support environmentalist, feminist, antiracist and LGBTQIA+ struggles. We do our part by refusing contributions that come from people who promote disciminatory ideologies. Of course, due to TBlock's open source nature, everyone is allowed to fork the project and to publish their own modifications of the source code. However, we will never support forks from these people.

We also oppose to big tech (such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Cloudflare, etc.), to surveillance capitalism, to DRM and to blockchains. We believe that privacy is a human right, and that copylefted software should be a standard.

Ads: to block or not to block?

As ad blocking gets more popular everyday, some questions are being raised. In fact, even though advertising can be terribly annoying for visitors of some website, it nevertheless allows the creator to have a source of income. But what about privacy? And aren't there other sources of income? The question whether to block ads or not is then a deeply ethical question.

First of all, it is important to differentiate two types of advertising. The first one is the regular form of advertising, the one we can see on TV or in the streets. The second one is targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is a part of surveillance capitalism, because it is based on your interests. It means that you are being tracked online, that your data is sold to third-parties and that every click you make on the internet is recorded.

As you may know, we strongly oppose to surveillance capitalism. Thus, we also oppose to targeted advertising. But what about the "regular" form of advertising? Well, we understand that some creators earn money with it. On the other hand, the goal of advertising is to push people into buying and consuming products that they don't need. Such a practice has a strong negative impact on the environment. But here's the thing: we live in a capitalist world, where consuming is essential to the economy. We think that, as long as we have capitalism, we will never be able to get completely rid of ads, of consumerism, of surveillance capitalism.

So, what we are saying is that we, as a project, don't push our users into blocking all ads. Instead, we encourage them to care about their privacy, and we give them the tool to do so. What they do with it is none of our business, as long as they respect the license terms. Whether to block all ads or not is a personal choice. You can also choose to donate some money to the creators you like instead of seeing their ads.