General configuration

TBlock's configuration file is located under /etc/tblock.conf on GNU/Linux and under "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\TBlock\conf.ini on Windows. It can be used to modify TBlock's behavior.

Change default blocking address

By default, TBlock redirects blocked domains to However, if you want to change this value, for instance to, you just need to write this line under the [default] section of your config:


# Let's change the default blocking address
default_ip =

Enable IPv6 blocking

By default, TBlock redirects blocked domains to the local IPv4 address only. If you want to enable redirecting to IPv6, write the following line (still under the [default] section):

# Let's allow IPv6 redirecting rules and IPv6 blocking
allow_ipv6 = false

Note: your hosts file will be twice bigger than before if you enable this setting.

Change default IPv6 blocking address

Just as we can change the default IPv4 blocking address, we can also change the IPv6 one, by writing under the [default] section:

default_ipv6 = ::1

Change default filter lists permissions

By default, filter lists are only allowed to set blocking rules. If you want to change this setting, simply write under the [default] section in your config (here to allow filter lists to set allowing and blocking rules by default):

# Default filter permissions (A for Allow, B for Block, R for Redirect)
# Multiple permissions are supported.
default_permissions =   AB

Note: it is discouraged to set the redirecting permissions by default, since this can possibly lead to security flaws on your device. Only give this permissions to filter lists you fully trust!