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The software

TBlock is a command-line, system-wide ad-blocker that is also platform independent. It has a built-in filter converter, to help people converting their custom filters to the format they want.
TBlock is free software, and will always be. It uses no analytics or advertising plugin, which would be very stupid, as the software is meant to block those.
It works like a package manager, except that it only applies filter lists to your hosts file. These filters can be found in the remote filter repository, but can also be custom ones, added by the user manually.
Please remember that TBlock can't protect you against malwares or hackers. It simply blocks known advertising and tracking domains using the hosts file.

The developers

TBlock is developed by an independent not-for-profit community.
We aim to promote equality, so we highly encourage women, transgender and non-binary people to join us or to contribute to the project !
We are also very sorry if some developers do not earn money because TBlock is blocking their ads. Users are free to block the ads they want, and TBlock's developers are not responsible for that.

Why anti-capitalist ?

TBlock is an anti-capitalist ad-blocker. This is because of a lot of reasons.

First of all, TBlock is an ad-blocker. Advertisements are directly a product of capitalism, and their purpose is to make consumers buy things they do not need.
On the internet, advertising has even become a business, which always enriches the same big multinationals, especially the GAFAM.
Tracking is also a really big problem. Users data has become a growing market, and big tech companies are selling it, contributing to the surveillance capitalism.

Secondly, the society we live in is unequal and unfair.
Whether we are talking about sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism or any other form of discrimination, all of these problems stem from patriarchy and the abuse of power that some people exercise over others.
Since money seems to be the only thing that politicians and those in power are able to think about, it is no wonder that some countries still suffer from famine and extreme poverty.

To continue, mass production and consumerism contribute to the destruction of our environment.
Sometimes human-being seem to forget that they belong to the nature. we cannot exploit our planet without suffering the consequences. This also applies to online advertisements, which are hosted in huge data centers that emit greenhouse gases.

To conclude, TBlock is a tool every one can use. It has an ideology behind it and it promotes freedom, equality, justice and system change. Maybe someday we will live in a better world, who knows ?